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Should the government act like a venture capitalist? It might seem crazy to some, but in today’s eye-opening talk, economist Mariana Mazzucato shows why it might just work — and how it has, in fact, been working for decades. [ted_talkteaser id=1855]In this talk, Mazzucato flips the script on the image of a big government meddling in economic affairs, and instead suggests that governments shape the market in revolutionary ways.

In this talk, Mazzucato dissolves the dichotomy between the private and public sectors, and offers a bold vision of governments as entrepreneurs. Her talk raises big questions about the potential — and the risks — of entrepreneurial governments. Below, the TED Blog asks her some follow-up questions.

A really great moment in your talk was when you described how so many of the revolutionary things in an iPhone were funded by the government. What other devices or objects are a big…

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