we hunted the mammoth

Today, a brief foray into racist conspiracy theory, courtesy of the Men’s Rights subreddit. This is from a discussion of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s internet porn ban, which the Men’s Rightsers seem to think was orchestrated by the evil feminist overlords.

k66sh 5 points 1 day ago* (5|0)  Sometimes think feminism is just a time bomb planted by them camel jockeys on the 'western' world. Soon they'll don those burquas and cite it as a victory for women - no more Male Gaze (TM) jabberwockysuperfly 1 point 1 day ago (1|0)  Replace 'camel jockeys' with 'Marxist culture assassins' and you're spot-on.

Lovely! You may wish to peruse k66ish’s comment history for many other nuggets of wisdom that may involve use of the word “cunt.”

Thanks to Cloudiah for pointing this one out in the comments here.

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