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The following quotes are just a few ideas from Abbott and Rinehart:

“TONY Abbott has proposed banning the dole for people under 30 in a bid to entice the unemployed to head west and fill massive skill shortages in the booming resources sector.” The Australian, April 21, 2010

“Mr Abbott advocated all welfare-dependent families with children should have half their income held back for food and essentials.” The Sydney Morning Herald February 24, 2010

‘I was in Canberra last week and had the opportunity to ask Opposition Leader Tony Abbott whether a government under his direction would continue with the Rudd government’s goal of halving homelessness by 2020. His answer was no. In justifying his stance, Abbott quoted from the Gospel of Matthew: ”The poor will always be with us,” he said, and referred to the fact there is little a government can do for people who choose to be…

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