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This week’s three posts all explore a similar topic — being comfortable in one’s own body — yet diverge on that theme in markedly different ways.

Bikini Body

This, friends, is a cultural phenomenon that confounds me. In Los Angeles specifically, and the whole of America more generally, we are confronted again and again with the universal understanding that women need to be ashamed of wanting to eat food.

Whiny Baby’s blog title may be tongue-in-cheek, but her observation of the feminine relationship to food is astute and real. Women should be the ones to consume food, she argues, instead of letting our own anxieties and fears about food consume us. Reading her post made us ponder the ways women are encouraged to let insecurity guide their eating habits, and the ways these very insecurities are grown and cultivated by our society.

Traveling to Guatemala

This is my first time…

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