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Iain Hall’s introductory piece for this blog titled “Conservatism 101” is written as a personal testimony of his own conversion. It appears that at some time he was a social progressive who was advantaged by Gough Whitlam free tertiary education but had some sort of cathartic experience that led to conservatism.This is not a critique of his work but rather an attempt to put an alternative progressive view. What Iain says helps by highlighting some major differences between social progressives like myself ,conservatives like Iain and neo conservatives. Iain asks a number of questions and I throw in my two bobs worth.

He asks: What is a conservative?

I would say that Conservatives (LNP) believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional values. They believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasise…

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